Monday, February 19, 2007

Never Underestimate the Power of Junk

San Francisco will surely never have a Wal-Mart, and while there will technically be one in New York via Queens, Manhattan, which most use to define New York would seem equally as unlikely. Though New York magazine did recently run a piece about Wal-Mart's failed attempts to become hip. No one goes to Wal-Mart to feel hip. You go there to get crap cheap. Garbage in, garbage out. This past season, of course, saw the reversal of foturne between Wal-Mart and Target that seemed to mirror the November elections. And, of course, while Target's logo is red and Wal-Mart's is blue, they are supposedly the counter opposite politically.

There is now the Smith and Hawken line there. I'm waiting for the Barney's Greatland merger.
I can get wistful at times remembering the likes of Venture, Woolco/Woolworth, Spartan Atlantic, Katz, Kress, and other mid-century mid-America big box discounters. That's why it's odd to have a Big Lots just a few blocks away that has the vibe of a zombie TG&Y store. It's certainly hit or miss. A few weeks back I picked up a DVD of The Late Show for $3.00, less than I could get on eBay or to rent. And it was not a cheapie transfer, with an extra of Lily Tomlin and the Doobie Brothers on the Dinah! show. So enthused by that venture I went back yesterday to find nothing I wanted to walk away with.

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