Monday, February 19, 2007

The Prez Has Fallen & Can't Get Up!

I have usually considered Presidents' Day to be a BS holiday, and I go ahead and work, annoyed that the office is closed and I can't get mail. Am I weakening in my old age by taking the day off? Or at least part of it. I just answered about 20 work emails earlier this morning. I keep telling myself that I would not take it were it President's Day (suggesting honoring just the current one) and instead is Presidents' Day allowing us to honor some of the better ones or the ones we'd like to see. Who is your favorite president. Though not for his accomplishments, I was always partial to William Howard Taft. He was the fattest president, topping the scale at over 300 pounds and once getting stuck in the bathtub, requiring assistance of his staff to pry him out. I think he would have been a fun guy to be around, though I am sure they'd need to be strategic about where he sat on Air Force One.

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