Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tea, Tea -- TeaNY, TeaMe

Oh, has JunkThief mentioned his ever growing tea collection? For each bag he consumes, he replaces it with three new bags. Green tea, white tea, no tea too short or Oolong. Remember when people laughed when Moby launched TeaNY? Remember when people still could laugh at Moby? Moby, Moby, where is Moby now?

Isn't tea just so civilized? JunkThief grew up with grannies and aunts of the tea room set and still has an internal ding, ding bell that goes off in his head at precisely 4 p.m., as if he were living up to his decidedly Anglo-Saxon surname. (As those of the JunkThief inner circle know, he has an English surname by marriage four generations ago but not a drop of English blood in his veins; see today's earlier entry about his mixed race should you be so inclined).

Hardcore JunkThief fans know that he is one of the few people that have been to the teapot museum in Hong Kong TWICE and had breakfast in bed with a chap named Jeremy from Liverpool on trip #2. But that's another post on another topic.

Well, all of this was an excuse to brag about the recent bargain find JunkThief found of a cast iron tea pot in the basement of Soko Hardware, making it teapot #72 or #73 in JunkThief central. We'd really planned to do inventory in January, but the JunkThief elves were stranded in Denver during one of those huge snowstorms of the past two months. More importantly, JunkThief wanted cross-promote his Yelp parallel universe, including a glowing review of Soko Hardware.



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