Monday, April 23, 2007

(Gorgeous) Arms Against the War Machine!

Ask even the most self-respecting left-winger, and they’ll admit that there’s not a lot of sex appeal to “the movement.” Protests against the war tend to attract more grey-haired, non-gym bodied types in ugly shoes and smelling of garlic and patchouli.

Based on a flurry of web postings today around the protests during the Gonzalez hearings, that may be changing. Case in point is the young man above, Adam Kokesh, a veteran and student at Claremont McKenna College in southern California. Code Pink (great group, though characteristically not high on the sex appeal index) joined forces with young Adam above showing the number of times Gonzalez used the term “I don’t know” during his testimony. Gotta admit the first thing I looked at was not what Adam was holding but what was holding the signs.

Praise be to Joe.My.God and new blog discovery Sparklepony for introducing me to Adam. And you can hear Adam in his own words here. He dresses up well too! Poof, just like that, suddenly the movement just got 10 times more sex appeal. Thanks to you, Adam, I may take those MoveOn messages out of my spam box!

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