Monday, July 09, 2007

Repurposing Part 334

Is it just my imagination, or did the Chronicle run the same story in 1996? And 1999? And 2003? And 2005? I can't remember them ever running a story about Saturday night in West Portal. Maybe now that they've rerun the Oakland sideshow stories so many times that people got wise, they decided that they can always recycle stories about how rowdy the Mission is. I especially appreciated the chicks making out with guys with untucked shirts. I made out with a guy with an untucked shirt on Saturday night too, but it was in another neighborhood and nobody got into a fight. I think a guy wearing an untucked shirt tells you nothing about his sexual orientation but is a signal that he plans to get laid. Not sure yet what it means when it's a woman wearing one. Now that they are down to two full time staff writers, I guess they have to just recycle stuff from the archives. Thanks, Craigslist!

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