Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gentrification Not Yet Complete - Chapter 3,088

One of the best Italian delis in San Francisco is not in North Beach but instead just a few blocks over from the JunkPlex at 22nd and Valencia. Lucca Ravioli Company has always had a cool, nearly New York vibe. I find it a bit amusing that some folks complain that the old guys behind the counter are less than friendly and too abrupt. You want "Have a nice day"? Go to the Whole Foods in Menlo Park. The young guys are usually pretty hot, and there is usually a good selection of things for them to slice and wrap in white paper for you. The ravioli itself, I have to admit, is pretty ho hum, albeit fresh.

Though certainly in need of a little touching up, the current remodel going on today has me a bit worried that it may become some amusement park relic of itself. Mind you I have no problem with us reducing the number of shootings like the one last night just a few feet from my front door or the fact that there will soon be a Whole Foods barely six blocks away from me, but I hope Lucca remains just a little scruffy around the edges. And if they replace the swarthy Vinnies and Sals with blond surfer dudes, I'll just continue to get that fine red topping for my spaghetti at Safeway.

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