Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mad for Madness

I'm technically on vacation since yesterday through the 13th, but seeming to have less time than ever for this blog thing. Perhaps its due to the oddness of now having 100% of time for personal issues, and I'm embroiled in long overdue personal matters. Don't worry not personal matters as in crisis or self analysis and introspection (though maybe just a bit of the latter), but more personal business involving notaries and document signing. Fortunately the outcomes of all those legal documents that are going to result in nice results, mainly monetary. That' good news as I anticipate the statement for my 401K for the second quarter.

Speaking of business, I am typically late to the scene of such matters, but I'm devouring the amazing first season of Mad Men, almost like having more than a dozen hour version of Far From Heaven. It's almost perfect, in part because it evokes the first era of my life that I can still vividly recall, albeit my memories are more in the very end of that era. There are a few inaccuracies such as Selectrics in early 1960s, but everything else is so spot on and reminds me of the erotic charge I got from going to my father's office as a kid. I can remember my father buying a Selectric or two for family use when they were discarded after a couple of years, and they never stopped smelling of nicotene.

Most exciting of all is the discovery of Jon Gunn in this series who evokes the New Frontier so on target, being handsome but not in the over polished look of today's 40+ "boys". And he's only 37.

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At 5:43 PM, Blogger Turkiye said...

I started receiving emails fom your blog quite a bit ago, I always thought it was spam so i never opened them, Month or 2 ago I opened the email. I loved it and just receive the new mail today. I'm a bit rushed now, daughter and a man formerly known as "Husband" left for Turkey, we've a home there, for seven weeks. I am quite politically involved so since my Fourth Amendment has now been redacted, time to find a country to call Mine. My oldest daughter lives in L.A., she's a screenwriter. Got to run, I love your work, and you better vote for Cindy Sheehan!!


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