Friday, September 12, 2008

On a Clear Day You Can See the Russian Federation

My weighing in on this much discussed interview probably provides no new insights. However, by age 16 I had far more stamps in my passport than this woman. Further I've met three heads of state, albeit from very impoverished nations. But I want a person in the White House who has met those heads of state and considers them as important as the ones from powerful nations.

This interview reminds me of interviews for administrative assistant's -- yes, of both genders -- where their nervousness about their lack of qualifications came shouting out like a fire alarm. If I were interviewing her for a position that involved more than filing and coding invoices, I would borrow her Bridge to Nowhere quote and say, "Thanks but no thanks." Able to field dress a moose? Absolutely. Able to mail merge and set up an Excel spreadsheet? Possibly, after some night classes at Platt College. Able to lead a nation or a state? Yes, but down the road to nowhere.

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