Thursday, December 14, 2006

8 New Junk Thief Videos - Just As I Am

I've been working on a family video project that is posted over at my other YouTube site. This is the G-rated as opposed to the PG-13 material on the other one. It has evolved from putting old Christmas pictures to music to a 45-minute epic and sort of the Criterion edition of family movies with more likely to come. I'm actually looking into launching an alternate family blog, though a cousin in Riverside has done that for my father's ancestors.

Of possible interest JunkThief regulars is this 5:25 minute video on my maternal grandfather and me. It's a chance to see JunkThief at age three ham it up at a family gathering when the dance floor was cleared after a Brenda Lee hit. After performing most of the score of the musical from "Once Upon a Mattress" I continued riffing by creating my own songs on the spot.
Some people talk about peaking to early, and I think I may have that day. I can't remember a time when I felt more creative, more safe and more loved. I've come close to it a number of times since then, even in my adult life. But nothing equaled the high of that day. There has never been a moment again when I felt everyone in the huge room loved me just as I am.

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