Monday, May 14, 2007

My Private View of the Park

Thanks for the early comments on JunkThief TV's Episode 22. Though barely a PG episode, I've set it for private view, thus the earlier link here is down since I could just see it ending up on Bill O'Reilly or something and thus hurting my promising political future. So anyone who missed it, let me know and I can email the private view for that 2-minute trip around the world.

UPDATE: Barack called this afternoon. He said that if he does win nomination, don't think for a second that he'd pick me as a running mate over Hilary, or even John. So I decided, what the hell, and reposted the video from yesterday. I thought I'd keep this photo up as a teaser since it captures the great fun Jordi and I had frolicking in the park yesterday. He's such a sweet boy and SO limber.

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