Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday's Coffee Break - Not on Heavy Rotation at Starbucks

Ann Coulter was in town this morning and just dropped by for coffee and her ever witty chit chat. As such a stylish gal for whom aesthetics are always such a huge issue, I had to make sure I'd set the proper mood. After getting her a cup as she screamed "Room! Room! Save some room in that puppy!" as I poured from the sterling silver carafe that Jean Kirkpatrick willed me, Ann gracefully pulled out a little flask to top off her java. (Jean claimed the treasure she bequeathed me was made from the silver mines of Potosi, Bolivia, where tens of thousands of Aymarans died. She also had a great collection of blood diamonds and South African gold bracelets that she'd picked up during her years of public service.)

As we retired to my formal dining room for a little chit chat, Ann's face burst into a girlish smile as I put the platter featured above on my turntable. Needless to say she was humming along and seemed more engaged in the music than our conversation. No great reveals, just a bit of that Coulter charm to warm up a foggy Friday a.m.

It seemed she'd barely arrived when she finished her second cup (just a little coffee in her tonic this time) and she announced she was off to speak at a tea at the Mark Hopkins to unveil the 10 top myths about global warming.

"Brr, it's sure chilly here for May," she said as she adjusted her sable over her stylish shoulders. "That'll bust another hole in Al Gore's ozone theory. Ha, ha, ha." She staggered a bit too much for 9:30 am.

I passed no judgment but did scoff, "Ann, you know, if you wore something with a little more fabric than a cocktail dress these San Francisco mornings wouldn't feel so cold."

"Ah, phoeey," she said, her golden locks blowing in the wind, and then the clickity clack of her Manolo Blahnik stilettos whisked her up York Street to her waiting limo that whizzed north to Nob Hill.

A deep sigh, and I went back to work. Ah, that Ann, ever the fun girl to spice up a morning.

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