Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gay Rights vs. James Holsinger Democracy Now! 15 June '07

Okay, after bashing Michael Moore on Friday, I know that I’m putting myself at risk of being bashed by posting this. But this Democracy Now segment on the Holsinger nomination is one of the best I’ve seen out there on what the country might be in for if he were nominated. I know that some people hate Amy Goodman as much if not more than Michael Moore, but I appreciate her as a sane and rational voice in media. She is certainly starry-eyed in her idealism and clearly one-sided in the views that she presents. But since her views don’t make it into mainstream media, I would much prefer to see this than a shouting match between Ann Coulter and any rational voice as an exercise in “showing both sides.” Maybe I just enjoy hearing Goodman’s calm voice in the morning so I don’t get indigestion for breakfast.

I won’t dignify the post by the nihilistic Fred Phelps, whom I am increasingly agreeing just might be a neo-dadaist performance artist, who says that America is further doomed because Holsinger’s nomination won’t go through. For once I hope he’s right.


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