Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let's Throw Baby from the Plane

Did Aunty Christ just get a job with Continental Airlines? Or did my Horror Summer Flick post gain the attention of the aviation industry? Well, I am only so bold as to resort to noise reducing headphones, but the news item about the talkative toddler being asked to leave the flight is amusing. Outrage? Naw, serves the little brat right. The flight attendant likely endured the horrors of post-9/11 travel years before that creature was even conceived. Now can I do the same thing if I get some 250+ pounder in the seat next to me when I fly again in a couple of weeks?

Is this Aunty Christ early in her career?

UPDATE: We just learned of the group CAPBOR, a passengers' rights group. I think one of their first causes should be to support the right of flight attendants to eject rowdy babies and toddlers or administer the use of duct tape to keep the noise down.

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